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The Winter 2017 MCC Toronto Community Guide and Life Long Learning Magazine includes all of this information and more!  Go to pg 18, read all about the Courses and Facilitators. Pick up your copy at the church or download the pdf:  Winter2017

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Using examples from the Bible, the Civil Rights Movement, faith-based work against Apartheid, Ecumenical work opposing oppressive regimes, MCC Toronto's work to bring about LGBTQ+  rights and legislation for  same-sex marriage, Trans-and gender-based equity and ...
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Explore the nature of Mental Health and Disorders, gain more knowledge about how we can overcome stigma and develop compassion and understanding as together, we bring Mental Health out of the closet Facilitator:  Richard Scott, ...
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Join teacher Lynn Heath and students of East Alternative School  for a performance of Courageous Voices, the first class in our Justice and Peace mini-series.  Using quotes and portraits from their favourite social change heroes ...
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Come and explore some easy to learn tools that support Emotional Resilience for yourself and others, including Dr  David R Hawkins Map of Consciousness and non-touch energy blessing called Conscious Radiance.  Bring an open heart, ...
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Come and explore how we can find spirituality in the popular culture we consume.  Using some key concepts, we will focus on film and television and explore our enjoyment and spiritual need for popular storytelling.  ...
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One of the many commonalities in all World Religions is the Golden Rule, the ethic of reciprocity that asks us to treat others as well as we would want to be treated. In this session ...
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