Yoga for All

Facilitator: David Johnston.

David is a charismatic and free spirited yoga teacher. He has taught Yoga in various formats around Toronto since 2005. David is humble enough to know that an effective yoga/meditation practice can guide one through some dark times. In addition to Yoga, David can be found teaching Grade Six and bombing around on his motorcycle.

Are you looking for a way to bring balance and harmony into your life? Why not try Yoga. Yoga embraces mind, body, soul and heart that can lead participants into a greater awareness of themselves, their sense of spirituality and connection with community and God. Each week we will begin with a seated meditation that helps us to be still and get in touch with our center. Throughout the evening we will move with and through sitting poses, standing poses, balancing poses and final poses. The yoga experience finishes as it begins with a meditation that brings a cohesive flow of energy for each participant. All levels of yoga experience are welcome.


Time: 7:00pm  – 8:30pm
Dates: Monday October 16 to Monday November 27, 2017
Location: Social Hall