Living the Questions: An Introduction to Progressive Christianity

Facilitator: Andrew Holmes.

Andrew is the Team Lead for Life Long Spiritual Development and Volunteer Engagement at MCC Toronto. Andrew is also a Clergy Candidate and doing his internship with MCC Toronto. A skilled Facilitator, Andrew enjoys exploring and asking curious questions about spirituality, theology and community.


You are invited to come on a journey. To think theologically. To question everything and to wonder out loud. Through exposure to provocative theological and spiritual insights and the engagement of small group conversations, participants in Living the Questions will experience how profoundly important the journey itself is. So come as you are, get ready to question, doubt, explore and grow in your understanding of spirituality in a progressing church. We will focus on what it means to think theologically, taking the bible seriously, the life of Jesus and so much more. Come and dare to Live the Questions.


Time: 7pm to 9pm
Date: Wednesday October 25 to Wednesday November 22, 2017
Location: Room 109